Policies and Procedures

To ensure the safety and security of the campus, its resources, and our visitors, certain procedures have been established to provide guidance and consistency to programs and program coordinators. All programs, guests, and conference participants are required to adhere to all NC State University and University Housing policies, rules, regulations, and standards.  Additional information about some of these can be found below.

Conference Planning Timeline

The annual conference season runs from mid-May (generally 1 week following Spring commencement), until late July or early August (generally 2 weeks before the start of Fall classes). If you are planning a program for the upcoming summer, we encourage you to reach out as early as possible so that our office can offer you the greatest level of support and the widest variety of options. Please note that during some periods, we must turn away programs due to lack of availability of resources during particularly busy weeks of the summer season. The Conference and Guest Services office begins planning for the upcoming summer in September and October. By January, the majority of programs have been contracted. During the spring semester, our team will finalize details for the summer season, making any necessary adjustments with program planners, and confirming reservations of facilities and services.

Minors on Campus Regulation

NC State’s university regulation regarding programs which serve minors has been updated recently. Please review PRR 01.25.18 and contact the Office of Youth Programs and Compliance if your program hosts anyone under the age of 18. All programs — affiliated or unaffiliated with the university — are required to register with the Office of Youth Programs and Compliance and attest to conducting the appropriate trainings, background checks, etc. as required by the regulation. For any questions related to hosting youth on NC State’s campus, please contact the Office of Youth Programs and Compliance directly by email to protectionofminors@ncsu.edu or by calling 919.515.4256. Programs that fail to meet the requirements will not be permitted to host their event on campus. It is recommended that program sponsors begin their registration with the YPC at least 90 days in advance of the the start of their camp or program.

Insurance Requirements

All programs not directly hosted by an NC State University department are required to hold third party Commercial General Liability Insurance coverage, as outlined in the Conference Services Agreement — with limits of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and not less than $2,000,000 in aggregate. Additional information related to the insurance requirements is available by contacting the Conference and Guest Services office.                 

Community Standards

All guests and program participants are subject to the University Housing Community Standards which include guidelines for safe and respectful community living. In addition, the university’s COVID-19 Community Standards apply to all staff, students, and visitors to NC State.

Guarantees, Deposits, and Attrition

To protect the fiscal viability of the Conference Services program, certain requirements are in place for hosted programs. These include, but are not limited to: An advance deposit (equal to 50% of contracted housing and dining charges) due 2 months in advance of the program’s start date; a guarantee for all services (including an assigned housing roster) due as outlined in the Agreement and typically no less than 2 weeks in advance of the program’s start date; and penalties for attrition rates exceeding 25% of the contracted totals. For additional information related to our deposit, guarantees, and attrition policies, please contact the Conference and Guest Services office.